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Heal Me

These sessions are offered long distance by phone or Skype for greater effect and convenience. You can be anywhere in the world and still receive the transformative healing benefits of a Heal Me session.

The process

Prior to your session please send me an email briefly letting me know what it is you desire help in transforming or calling in. At your scheduled time I reccommend that you lie or sit comfortably somewhere undisturbed to receive your healing.

I’ll tune into you as you are in the moment and let myself be guided by that which wants to transform and release energetically in your body and being. It’s a beautiful and loving process lead by the heart, often with remarkable and instant results.

The healing works regardless of where and how you are. Likewise, children may carry on with their day as usual even though they are receiving their healing. Upon completion I’ll let you know what I’ve worked on and of any further advice for you.

A Heal Me session lasts approximately an hour.

Book your session

For bookings and questions regarding the session please write to info@heartbliss.dk
Purchase your session here using your Visa, MasterCard or Amex.

When purchasing, use the scroll bar to choose from the following sessions (Danish option in brackets):
Adult (voksen)
Child under 12 (barn under 12 år)
Child between 1-3 years (barn mlm 1-3 år)
Baby up to 12 months (baby op til 12 mdr.)
Follow-up (opfølgning)

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