Healing Audio English

HeartBliss healing audios contain deep transformational healing, guiding words and nurturing music. The healing happens as soon as you press play. The words will deepen and explain your healing experience, easily integrating into wisdom and inspiration.

For the utmost healing experience, listen through earphones while lying down, sitting comfortably, meditating or taking a walk. You may also play the audio on low volume in your room while sleeping.

You don’t have to feel anything specific for the healing to work. The more you listen the more powerful the healing will become.

Use the audios whenever you need healing, help to calm or uplift yourself, clarity or to become mentally and emotionally balanced.

Healing GIFT IDÉAS – Is your girlfriend sick in bed? Send her Boost Your Immune system and watch how she feels better already. Is your loved one up for a big speech? Send them Ground Yourself to download directly onto their smartphone.

You’ll receive your Mp3 audio link immediately upon purchase.
*Do not listen while driving or operating heavy machinery.

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