English praise

Thank you

I chose Camille Safijér because I had heard about her unique abilities through a friend. But I knew she was special from the minute I heard her name. Her deep understanding of what the body is and is capable of, makes me not have to seek out others regarding an imbalance in my body.

Thank you for your priceless help Camille.


True connection

I’ve experienced these sessions as immensely transformative and effective.

Camille’s special abilities, immense clarity, true connection and deep integrity have given me the feeling of being in the best hands.

Orkideea, photographer

Emotional and psychological stress

I warmly recommend Camille to anyone who feels depleted psychologically or physically, who is in sorrow, heartache or has a feeling of being in limbo.

Even people who are well and wish to keep up their good health.

Benazir Braae, artist


I thought my breathing was just fine until a few issues around my lungs were released – suddenly it was as if a huge weight was lifted from my chest and space was created for me to really breathe freely. A wonderfully, joyful and very liberating experience.

29-year-old woman

Menstrual pain

I’ve always had unbearably painful periods with nausea, pain and throwing up. Thanks to Camille’s treatments all of these symptoms have been remarkably reduced and I am now able to get through a period without strong painkillers. What a relief!

M. K.

Fear of fire in child completely stopped

I would like to thank you for your help, because my son’s fear of fire stopped just a few days after the session, completely.

Thanks again for your support.


Sexual Healing and heartbreak

I can’t even begin to describe how thankful I am. Really! My husband looks completely different and keeps talking about all the people he believes should go see you. I am convinced that we as a couple are busy saving a lot of time and couple’s therapy in the long run.

M v. S, Berlin

Artist's block

What I found fantastic in my sessions with Camille was how she was in the listening of what I had to share and was able to push me sometimes in humorous ways to new ways of looking at the areas of my life where I was struggling. It was a pleasure to be mentored with her gentleness and indefectible support.

Helene Geagea, Artist, Lebanon

Moving through fear

Camille was always in the same loving space every time we had our session. She was consistent and that gave me confidence in her. Her tone of voice is so loving and encouraging which got me to open up to her and extend myself to make the best use of our time together. Thank you Camille.

Nicola Day, Health Practitioner, South Africa

Spiritual Mentoring

I am very inspired by our space – you are so awesome to work with. And I am so happy that I dare to be more and more myself and that you can contain so much. It enables me to unfold myself more and more because I know that there is space in which I will be met exactly as I am. I have never before encountered this.



Once again thank you for the wonderful transformation that you’ve led me to.

Ea Phillipa Tange, musician & fantasy author